Au Revoir… kind of

Well life has been crazy lately and to be honest with spending less and less time at the stables I just don’t really have much to post here. My Beautiful Bay has become somewhat restricting and I don’t want to have to force myself to write any more, that isn’t why I started this blog.

BUT… I couldn’t just give it up altogether and so if you’d still like to see what Rocky and Sparky are up to you can over at my new lifestyle blog Sweet Serendipity. The idea is that the rebranding of my blog will mean I can write about pretty much anything I want to rather than feeling as though I am restricted to writing about my ponies.

So if you feel like it, check out Sweet Serendipity. I’ve even gone up-market and got a custom domain and a new layout! I’m quite excited about it all to be honest!


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